345 MAIN STREET,Parking and GPS address: 80 GERARD STREET

These are actual reviews from actual customers.

Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking and I bet it's the exact thing I was thinking. "We already have enough pizza places in Huntington and I already have my favorite". I said this a million times as I walked by then my belly won and now I have a new favorite in the village. This is really a different type of pie, something you must try whether you have a fave or not, I guarantee you'll love it... if you don't... I'm sorry there is possibly something wrong with your tongue :(

Thank you, Traci! You loved our pizza and we loved your review!

The best pizza you will ever have the pleasure of tasting!!!!

Thanks Tony! It’s a pleasure to hear you say that!

I didn't think Huntington needed another pizza place, but this place is outstanding!

Thank you, Steven! We use only the freshest ingredients and have a coal oven that makes our pizza truly different from all the rest.